Melletics im Coloniapark (Altglienicke)

  • 1 Stunde
  • 10 Euro
  • Coloniapark, Altglienicke, Berlin


Now it's that time again and there are Melletics in Treptower Park (German/ English). Melletics is for everyone between 25 and 86. It is a full body workout with lots of varied music and sports exercises, without repetitions and with lots of fun. Like a dance. Perfect for those who need a change from the day and want to enjoy the sport. Also suitable for beginners and professionals. I combine many contents, as well as strength, endurance, coordination, balance, reaction training and relaxation. A holistic training for body and mind. You need a mat and something to drink. The training also takes place in light rain, there is then a varied powerwalking training instead of the mat training. Look forward to a training, where the fun is in the foreground and you train your whole body. I am already looking forward to seeing you. Best regards Mel

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Altglienicke, Berlin